Hi, I'm Elly — a Tauranga-based nutritionist (NSNZ Associate Registered).

Inspired by my family’s journey with coeliac disease and food sensitivities, I'm on a mission to help people of all ages navigate life with these conditions. I understand that obtaining trustworthy, practical information in this space can sometimes be difficult. I'd like to change that.

I'm also passionate about healthy eating. I enjoy helping people make simple dietary-tweaks to improve both mental and physical health.

If you spend hours searching the internet for information, are confused about what your next steps should be, or are struggling with what to eat, then get in touch. Whether it’s in person at my Mount Maunganui-based practice or remotely, I can help set you on the right track.


Elly McKenzie

Qualified in both theory and practice.

I offer a unique blend of professional and personal experience.

  • Associate Registered Nutritionist (NSNZ)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences (endorsed in Human Nutrition), Otago University
  • FODMAP training, Monash University
  • BCApSc, majoring in Consumer Food Science, Otago University
  • BCom, majoring in marketing, Otago University
  • Coeliac for 20+ years
  • Mum to children with food sensitivities.

Questions about coeliac disease and/or food sensitivities?

My guidance is tailored towards you and your needs. Here are some things I can help you with:

  • Understanding coeliac disease and food sensitivities
  • Determining whether food intolerances may be causing your symptoms
  • Navigating the unique challenges of caring for a child on a 'free from' diet.
  • Learning how to read food labels
  • Avoiding cross-contamination at home
  • Identifying inadvertent sources of gluten ingestion
  • Understanding how to complete a gluten/dairy elimination and re-challenge process
  • Managing eating away from home safely
  • Learning how to stay healthy on a gluten-free or 'free from' diet.
  • And much more.

Online learning

Health professionals across New Zealand and Australia are using my online guides to educate their patients. You can access these for free here.