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Save time scrolling the internet and energy trying things that don’t work, and get the advice you need straight from a friendly and approachable expert. Book an hour-long consultation with me — in person, over the phone, or on Zoom — and we'll get to the bottom of your relationship with gluten, once and for all.

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Finding it hard to navigate life with a food sensitivity? Maybe food labels are driving you crazy, or you just need access to detailed information from a source you know you can trust. Explore my knowledge-boosting online courses and get all the right information, right at your fingertips.

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Elly is very knowledgeable  and up to date with current research


I have been a coeliac for 20 years and cant believe Elly had more to teach me about reading food labels

I no longer have to memorise food additive numbers. To think that there are gluten free foods I have been missing out all these years - like Snickers bars! I highly recommend the 'Is it gluten free?' online label reading course to all coeliacs.

- Valerie