I'll work alongside you, finding simple yet effective ways to meet your goals and answer your questions. 


Coeliac Disease Tauranga
Dietitian coeliac Mount Maunganui

Adult initial consultation

1 hr, $95, in person, over the phone, or on Zoom.

Whatever stage you’re at in your journey, come and have a chat with me and get the personalised support and practical nutritional advice you need.

Nutritionist coeliac disease Tauranga

Child initial consultation (0-18 years)

1 hr, $75, In person, over the phone, or on Zoom.

If your child has unexplained gut symptoms, nutrition-related concerns, or is learning to navigate life with coeliac disease or food intolerances, I'd love to help. During our appointment I’ll answer your questions, build your knowledge and provide practical advice that works for your family.

Dietitian coeliac disease Tauranga

Follow-up consultation

30 minutes, $55, in person, over the phone, or on Zoom.

This appointment allows me to review your progress, cover any new questions that have cropped up, and provide further advice and support.

Gluten free restaurant Tauranga

Group education

1 hr, $POA. Presentation-style

If you have a workplace, a school group or friends/family that would like to learn more about nutrition, healthy eating, coeliac disease or food intolerances then please get in touch.

Whether you are starting from scratch, have specific questions or just need a chat with someone who knows what's what, I’d love to hear from you.