The Insides Guide


Save time scrolling the internet and energy trying things that don’t work, and get the advice you need straight from a friendly and approachable expert. Book an hour-long consultation with me — in person, over the phone, or on Zoom — and we can get to the bottom of your relationship with gluten once and for all.


Adult initial consultation

1 hr, $75, In person, over the phone, or on Zoom.

Do you have a feeling you might be reacting to gluten, or have you recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity? Whatever stage you’re at in your journey, come have a chat, and get the one-on-one support and personalised, common-sense advice you need.


Child initial consultation

1 hr, $65, In person, over the phone, or on Zoom.

From lunchboxes to birthday parties, school camps to family gatherings, helping your child navigate life with a gluten-related illness can be overwhelming. During your one-to-one consultation with me, I’ll build your knowledge, answer your questions, help you understand what’s going on in your child’s body, and give you practical advice to take home and start applying to your family’s day-to-day life.


Follow-up consultations

30 minutes, $40, In person, over the phone, or on Zoom.

If you’d like to talk about your progress, cover any new questions that have cropped up, or get further advice and support, this is the appointment for you. Book a half-hour follow-up, or if you need a little extra time, you can switch to a full hour appointment.


Further education

1 hr, $POA. Presentation-style

There’s no doubt gluten-free foods have grown in popularity – and that demand is here to stay. During our time together, I’ll explain what gluten is, the many reasons why consumers request gluten-free food, how to tell whether foods contain gluten, the legal (FSANZ) requirements that must be met when selling gluten-free food, and why avoiding cross-contamination is so important. I’ll also share real-life experiences and answer any questions you may have.

Whether you are starting from scratch, have specific questions or just need a chat with someone who’s walked in your shoes, I’d love to hear from you.