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Are you worried you or your child might be reacting to gluten or dairy? Have you or a family member recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease or a gluten/dairy sensitivity? Come and chat with me, Elly McKenzie, New Zealand's go-to for accurate information, insider knowledge and personalised advice.

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Skip the tiring internet searches and social media chatter, and come directly to the source. My straight-forward, interactive online courses are packed with all the information you need to more easily navigate life without gluten and/or dairy.

About Me

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Hi, I’m Elly,

food scientist, coeliac for over 20 years, and mum to three children — two with a mix of gluten, dairy and soy sensitivities.

Inspired by my family’s journey, I'm on a mission to help people of all ages navigate life with coeliac disease and gluten/dairy sensitivities.

If you spend hours searching the internet for information, are confused about what your next steps should be, or are struggling to be diagnosed, then get in touch. Whether it’s in person or remotely, I can provide accurate information, insider knowledge and practical, personalised tips to set you on the right track — you don't have to do this alone!

Hear from some of my happy clients.

It took me a while to get on top of the whole food trial thing with my son — Elly was incredible. I'm so grateful for the advice I received on how to actually live this, how to feed my son and how to shop safely for him. Elly deserves a lot of the credit for my son’s new-found health. He has normal bowel motions, he’s energetic, has great skin, pink cheeks and his asthma is so much better. Mary

I've been a coeliac for 20 years and can't believe Elly had more to teach me about reading food labels. I no longer have to memorise food additive numbers. To think there are gluten free foods I've been missing out on all these years — like Snickers bars! I highly recommend the 'Is it gluten free?' online label-reading course to all coeliacs. Valerie

May contain traces of gluten

Food-label warnings such as ‘May contain traces of gluten’ and ‘Processed on the same line as gluten-containing cereals’ can be tricky to interpret. If you have coeliac disease or are highly sensitive to gluten, chances … Read more

Gluten and skincare

Gluten and skincare

Gluten can’t cause damage to the small intestine when it’s absorbed through the skin. If you have coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis, you don’t need to worry about gluten in cosmetics or medicines that are … Read more

Gluten free brownie

Gluten free brownie

Blocks of chocolate don’t last long enough in my pantry to be used for cooking, so I love the cocoa-based ‘Coconut Chocolate Brownie’ recipe from the trusty Edmonds Cookbook. I’ve modified this recipe to be gluten … Read more