Here’s what some of my clients say about working with me.

It can feel overwhelming as a parent receiving a Coeliac diagnosis for your child, but the hour I spent with Elly was so reassuring.

I left feeling confident that I could manage a strict GF diet with relative ease. The whole hour was packed full of practical advice and tips, and she was so helpful answering my questions. Elly's online label reading course was also a great summary of the essential-to-know facts. Elly was recommended to me by two different people - she is the go-to expert in this field and with good reason. Highly recommended.


It took me a while to get on top of the whole food trial thing with my son — Elly was incredible.

I'm so grateful for the advice I received on how to actually live this, how to feed my son and how to shop safely for him. Elly deserves a lot of the credit for my son’s new-found health. He has normal bowel motions, he’s energetic, has great skin, pink cheeks and his asthma is so much better. Best value for money we've had on our son’s health journey so far.


Your 'Is it gluten free?' label reading course is excellent.

I’m a coeliac (9 years) and also a GP, and will be recommending this guide to my newly diagnosed coeliacs. The way the course website works is fabulous too. 


Elly’s understanding and personal experience with coeliac disease was so helpful.

She has a huge amount of knowledge and a kind and compassionate way of delivering it. She followed up with a helpful overview in an email afterwards which makes remembering everything much easier. I highly recommend her. 


Elly is so well informed.

Her knowledge of the latest research and current best practice combined with practical tips to help navigate the murky waters of these kinds of issues has been invaluable. I love that she values every aspect of health and knows how a food sensitivity can present, yet will not jump to conclusions as small changes present on the journey. She's committed to doing it once and doing it well. Highly recommend!


Having just received inconclusive results for coeliac disease for my two-year-old, Elly was such a great help.

There's so much information I wasn’t aware of and follow up tests to look into — also where to go from here after our doctor didn’t really know what would be best in this situation. I now feel more comfortable with what needs to happen going forward. Thanks Elly!


I highly recommend Elly’s support.


Thank you for sharing this amazing resource with me.

I've completed the ‘Is it gluten free’ online label reading guide and I really like it! Thank you for the effort you have put in to this. I agree with all the information you've included, it's a really good overview. I think this would be a good recap for our clients in that first month after their initial appointment with us. 

Sarah, Community Paediatric Dietitian, Starship. 

Elly's very knowledgeable and up to date with current research.


Tonight Miss 10 and I completed your short online label reading course ‘Is it gluten free?’

It contained so much information and was really easy to understand. We all, even miss 8, enjoyed checking our understanding with the quizzes! Great for newbies just diagnosed, or for those like me who just want to be sure I'm confident when making food choices while shopping for my daughter”. Hugely valuable!


Thanks to Elly, I've made changes that have been revolutionary for my health.

I can now eat without feeling nauseous. I have more energy. I'm sharper, and my moods are more steady. I thought it was just the fog and tiredness of being a mum of three but now I know taking specific steps can be life-changing.


I signed up to the 'Is it dairy free?' guide after reading about it in Allergy NZ newsletter.

My son has multiple food allergies including dairy, and I got him to do the food labelling quiz as well. As a parent, I feel this section was especially valuable and will get the whole family to do it.


Thanks for a great label reading guide.

I thought I had label reading down pat but the exceptions were new to me and exciting to learn about. I will certainly recommend the 'Is it gluten free?' guide to others. 


I've been a coeliac for 20 years and can't believe Elly had more to teach me about reading food labels.

I no longer have to memorise food additive numbers. To think there are gluten-free foods I've been missing out on for all these years! I highly recommend the 'Is it gluten free?' online label-reading course to all coeliacs.


Thank you for your 'Is it gluten free?' label reading guide.

Two of my boys are coeliac and I found it to be very helpful, fun, interactive and it didn't take me too long to complete. Well done.


I feel more comfortable now.

I've been having problems with label reading but have just done your course and it was fantastic. I feel more comfortable now.