My top 6 gluten free, dairy free snacks

Snacking on a restricted diet doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are my top six gluten free, dairy free snacks to keep you and your children healthy and happy.

  1. Berries and coconut yoghurt. This winning combination tastes like desert but is nutritious and filling. It’s the perfect afternoon tea for kids and adults alike. Off-season, look for mixed frozen berries in the freezer section of your supermarket.  
  2. Salami. I absolutely love salami. There’s something really satisfying about it’s chewiness when you’re feeling snacky. Being a processed meat, this is a ‘sometimes’ food, but it’s a great one to add to a lunch box or to keep you going between meals. 
  3. Homemade bliss balls. You’ll need a food processor for these, but once you’ve found your perfect mix, you’ll never eat shop bought again. Making your own gives you the option to use a wider range of ingredients for added flavour and nutrition. Here’s my basic recipe.
  4. Chickpeas. Either roasted or as hummus. Roasted chickpeas are a great potato chip alternative while hummus goes beautifully with carrot and capsicum sticks (a healthier option than most rice crackers). Chickpeas are full of protein and fibre.  
  5. Boiled eggs. There’s a reason these beauties have been a snack of choice for centuries — long before gluten-free and dairy-free diets existed. Eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet. I recommend boiling them ahead of time so they’re ready in the fridge when you need them. If you wait until you’re hungry, you run the risk of snacking on sugary processed foods while they’re cooking!
  6. Frozen green peas. Children love frozen peas — even those that hate cooked peas. Don’t thaw them, just shake a few out of the packet and voila! Healthy, cheap and fun to eat.

Be sure to check the ingredients list of all packaged foods to ensure they don’t contain unexpected gluten or dairy.

Happy snacking!

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