Dairy Intolerance

Milk intolerance or allergy – how to tell

It can be hard to figure out whether dairy is causing you problems, let alone determine if you have a milk intolerance or allergy. Here’s what you need to know before going dairy free. Most people who ‘react’ to dairy are either: Intolerant to the lactose (milk sugar) in cow’s milk Intolerant to the protein … Read more

Gluten free dairy free food

My top 6 gluten free, dairy free snacks

Snacking on a restricted diet doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are my top six gluten free, dairy free snacks to keep you and your children healthy and happy. Berries and coconut yoghurt. This winning combination tastes like desert but is nutritious and filling. It’s the perfect afternoon tea for kids and adults alike. Off-season, … Read more