Dairy Intolerance

Milk intolerance or allergy – how to tell

It can be hard to figure out whether dairy is causing you problems, let alone determine if you have a milk intolerance or allergy. Here’s what you need to know before going dairy free. Most people who ‘react’ to dairy are either: Intolerant to the lactose (milk sugar) in cow’s milk Intolerant to the protein … Read more

Is gluten free healthy?

Are gluten-free foods healthy?

An edited version of this article was published in the Summer 2021 Coeliac Link (official magazine of Coeliac New Zealand). The relative abundance of gluten-free food in today’s supermarkets makes it easier than ever to find substitutes for our pre-diagnosis favourites. But although this variety means we can consider our brand, taste and price-point preferences … Read more

Coeliac disease and teeth

Coeliac disease and tooth enamel defects

There’s a well-known link between coeliac disease and developmental tooth enamel defects (though this might be better known by your gastroenterologist than your dentist!). What is tooth enamel? Tooth enamel is the visible, outermost covering of your teeth. The colour of healthy enamel varies from light yellow to a grey or blue-like white. It’s the … Read more

gluten free and dairy free carrot cake recipe

Gluten and dairy free carrot cake recipe

This gluten and dairy free carrot cake recipe is a winner! I have no idea where it came from — it’s been in my recipe book for the past twenty years and was in my mum’s before that. It’s easy to make, moist and delicious. This is definitely one to add to your gluten-free recipe … Read more

Gluten and child behaviour

Gluten and brain fog in children

Brain fog was one of my worst symptoms prior to my coeliac diagnosis. It remains my most dreaded symptom of being ‘glutened’— because it lingers for so long! Brain fog is common, and well-documented amongst adults with untreated coeliac disease and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. Evidence also suggests that gluten can cause brain fog in children … Read more

Gluten free dairy free bliss ball recipe

Bliss ball recipe (gluten and dairy free)

Bliss balls are a great gluten-free, dairy-free food. Making your own allows you to pack them full of nourishing ingredients and tweak them to suit your taste. I’m very relaxed with my measuring when I make a batch of bliss balls. I work to a basic formula of about 2 cups of sticky dried fruit … Read more

Gluten free dairy free food

My top 6 gluten free, dairy free snacks

Snacking on a restricted diet doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are my top six gluten free, dairy free snacks to keep you and your children healthy and happy. Berries and coconut yoghurt. This winning combination tastes like desert but is nutritious and filling. It’s the perfect afternoon tea for kids and adults alike. Off-season, … Read more

Label reading gluten Australia

May contain traces of gluten

Food-label warnings such as ‘May contain traces of gluten’ and ‘Processed on the same line as gluten-containing cereals’ can be tricky to interpret. If you have coeliac disease or are highly sensitive to gluten, chances are you’ll be a little confused about this grey area of labelling. Here, I’ll give you the information you need … Read more

Gluten and skincare

Gluten and skincare

Gluten can’t cause damage to the small intestine when it’s absorbed through the skin. If you have coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis, you don’t need to worry about gluten in cosmetics or medicines that are topically applied (to the skin, hair, nails, etc). Rarely, gluten/wheat may cause skin irritation Some people with coeliac disease report … Read more